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Poker players, sure, know the name of the poker network – Ongame. That’s the one of the biggest poker networks for now (and before the expulsion of the Americans was the biggest). The Ongame Company itself, as was already mentioned, was acquired by the bookmaker BWin. Ongame Company owns not only the software, but a couple of large online poker rooms such as PokerRoom and EuroPoker. So it turns out, that means, they are also using ongame mobile casino games software for their mobile poker versions. Perhaps, mobile software already exists or will soon be developed for other rooms of this network, but I did not yet come across any

So what kind of mobile poker software Ongame Company offers? Well, the game “weighs” about 250 Kb and includes similar online and offline options where you can practice your poker skills: to beginner to expert, and win the course of four different skill poker levels at the tournament features of advantage mobile poker bonus Nowbet.

But, of course, There’s only one game – Texas Hold’em, and only cash games. You can download certain options, for example, a four color deck, 3D graphical game, a chat, detailed information, sound etc.

Before starting a mobile poker game you must filter the poker table, select the game type (limited, unlimited), table size (full, shortened, one to one), limits, and also mobile poker for real money or play money, or offline tournaments

Having done the selection, press “Get Tables”, you will find a list of available tables – these will be the same poker tables as in the online version. If you select the “show full tables”, you get all the tables available; If this option is not installed – only those tables are not fully occupied. For every table, you can get additional information (hands per hour, average pot, flop view percentage). Unfortunately, the current version lacks the opportunity to join a queue to a table; You can join a partly occupied or open and watch the game at a fully occupied table.

Visually a table is a diminished copy of the online poker room version – same avatars, same design, but you are able to see only a little more than half a table at one and same time.

By using a joypad you can select the seat you want. Enter the amount to play and confirm with the ‘OK’ soft button on your phone (If there is a minimum buy-in at the table, this will be displayed). Choose if you want to post an blind right away or if you want to wait for your turn by pressing [1] or [2].

As you can see, the screen inscriptions are quite small, and you have to be very attentive. Basically you have three keys for the navigation: 1 – fold, 2 – call, 3 – bet / raise In case of unlimited poker, if you bet or raise you the window, where you can enter a sum (or type it on the keyboard, or a little by little by joypad). All in all, the interface is quite right, and I did not have any serious problems, especially in the limited poker. The program is not too much traffic, even a mobile casino; In half an hour I used less than 200 Kb.

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